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Rules and Expectations

Rules and Expectations – General Members


1 Introduction
2 Mission Statement
3 Dues
4 Points System
5 General Body Meetings
6 Absences
7 Trainings
8 Screenings
9 RSO Cube
10 Exec Board Positions



Welcome to The Illini Medical Screening Society (IMSS)! We are happy that you are as passionate about working with the underserved in the Champaign community as we are. This document is to serve as a reference for general members outlining the rules and expectations. In order to ensure meaningful experiences for all, it is essential that regulations are established and are enforced for all members. Failure to adhere to guidelines can result in dismissal from the organization.


Mission Statement:

“IMSS provides the uninsured and low-income residents of Champaign County a free medical screening service that determines risk for Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Hyperlipidemia.”



DUES for IMSS are $35.  Dues are necessary because IMSS is an independently funded organization, using all of our monetary resources to purchase supplies necessary to conduct screenings. Dues are also used to offset the cost of guest speakers and social events. New members must turn in dues by the second General Body Meeting or risk being dismissed from the organization. Checks can be made out to Illini Medical Screening Society.


Points System

IMSS uses a point system to manage participant involvement. Members are required to obtain a minimum of 9 points each semester. 2 points must be from volunteering events, 2 points from fundraising events, and 1 point from social events.The remaining 4 points must be obtained through attending at least 4 out of the 6 General Body Meetings during the semester.

  • General Body Meetings: +1/meeting, 6 points total
  • Volunteering Events: +1/hour (-1 point per hour if member commits and then fails to appear)
  • Fundraising Events: +1/hour (-1 point per hour if member commits and then fails to appear)
  • Social Events: +1/event


General Body Meetings

General Body Meetings (GBMs) are the primary means of communicating valuable information to the members. Two GBMs are scheduled each month and attendance is mandatory, unless excused by the club President. Please see Absences for more information.

Meeting topics vary and are chosen to offer specific information to members in a variety of ways pertaining to career, academic, and research knowledge in medicine.  Each GBM is worth 1 point, with unexcused absences resulting in the loss of one (-1) point per meeting. Missing more than 2 GBMs without an excuse is grounds for dismissal.



Any event that a member commits to is deemed mandatory and thus requires a valid excuse in the event that the member must be absent. This includes ALL general body meetings and any volunteering, fundraising, training, prep meeting, or screening event that a member has committed too. Excused absences are: exams, class, death in the family, McKinley note, or personal emergencies, which will be handled on a case to case basis. For exam and class excuses, a copy of a syllabus or class schedule is required in order to confirm.

* All excuses and documentation must be emailed to the President at

  • Within 24 hours of missed obligation for funeral, illness or personal emergency.
  • For exam and class excuses, notice must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to the event, along with an attached syllabus.



All new members are required to complete the Training requirements prior to being eligible for screenings. Training requirements include: 2 training sessions and 1 prep meeting. Points will NOT be awarded for training sessions or prep meetings. Please see below for more details.

Training I: Overview of test protocols and important background knowledge.

Training II: Members will take a short quiz covering the information discussed during the first training session. Upon passing the quiz, members will watch a demonstration of the test protocols. They will then have time to practice the protocols themselves. At the end of the second training session, all trainees must pass a skills check.

Prep Meeting: To be considered screening eligible, members must attend 1 prep meeting following the 2 training sessions. Exec members will perform spot checks during prep meetings to ensure protocol competencies.



Screenings are the main mission of IMSS. These are events held throughout the semester in local communities. The goal of screenings is to provide a medical exam for low-income and uninsured individuals at no cost. General members are expected to be proficient in taking blood pressure, pulse, BMI, blood glucose, and blood cholesterol. Training is mandatory for each member attending a screening. Please see Training for more information.

Each General Member is required to purchase at least, ONE (1) Navy Scrub Top and ONE (1) Navy Scrub Bottom of their own.  Scrubs must be purchased prior to the screening. Members must be wearing their scrubs to the pre-screening pick-up location.

Although physician interaction is encouraged on screenings, it is essential for members to realize that running medical tests on individuals is their main role on screenings. This is simply to maintain reasonable wait times and dignity for all individuals being screened.


RSO Cube

Cube number 15 in the RSO complex is the main office of IMSS. Announcements, a calendar of events, and other information will be posted in the cube. This will be the location if one needs to turn in any documentation, forms, or payment. A schedule will be posted in the cube and on the IMSS website of times that the cube will be occupied by an Exec Board member.


Exec Board Positions

The IMSS Exec Board is the leadership team for the organization. Exec Board members are selected for one (1) year terms and are selected by the existing Exec Board using an application/interview process. Applications will be posted in the spring semester and members will be notified by email and on the website. More information can be expected at that time.


The IMSS executive board reserves the right to alter the rules and expectations at any time. If a question arises, please consult this reference prior to contacting the executive board.

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