at the University of Illinois


IMSS performs basic screening tests that any individual can do at home with little training.  We will not be conducting tests that are beyond any student’s ability or legality to accomplish, and we are by no means practicing medicine.  Every client encounter is presented to and reviewed by a licensed health care professional who is present on-site and will evaluate and/or modify plans at their discretion.  If for some reason a supervising physician has to cancel a clinic at the last minute, we will not see patients for that day.

  • 745 ILCS 49/30 “Good Samaritan Act”: exempts all licensed health care providers from civil liability if they provide their services without compensation at an established free health clinic.  If any licensed health care provider is at our screenings and a copy of this Act is posted in a noticeable place, we will be exempt from any legal problems that may arise.
  • Medical histories and test results will be recorded but immediately handed to the patient upon departure to avoid Privacy Act and HIPAA liabilities.  Once a consent form is signed, we retain client’s results anonymously for future use in publications.
  • We have obtained a CLIA waiver for our testing supplies; all testing machines are CLIA certified.
  • OSHA does not pertain to IMSS due to our free services, but we will still uphold regulatory standards while conducting screening tests.
  • All members who conduct blood tests are certified in Bloodborne Pathogens.

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